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Mamiko Takamoto

SUMI(India ink/ Chinese ink) painter / seal engraver


Born in Kodaira, Tokyo.

In her childhood she received calligraphy guidance from her mother who is a calligrapher and sumi-painter, and at the same time she met her mother's teacher, Kisa Matsushita (presided by the BOKUGA GROUP82).

After graduating from the Tokyo Metropolitan University with a major in German literature, she studied SUMI painting under Kisa Matsushita.

She also studied under Rosui Uchiyama(calligraphies)  and Shusetsu Inaba(seal-engraving).

In addition to drawing works with the unique expression of SUMI, brush, and paper, cutting the new world of SUMI through attempts to use papers from around the world, not just painting on paper, and combining yarn and plant fibers.

In July 2018, a live paint collaboration "MAGADA" with SAX player Masayo Koketsu started.

The seal-engravings that aim to match their own paintings are called “GA-IN”, and she is good at edgy red-character(SHU-BUN) stamps.


Ink painting class and seal class are held in Japan. 

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